Our Theory


The starting point for True North Concepts began as most ideas do, with a few simple words amongst friends. The idea of starting a company that could push the envelope of design and innovation forward in the 21st century seems trite to say, but that is exactly our goal. Modern America possesses more means of production then any other place or time in human history, and oddly companies continue to produce worn out designs from more then half a century ago. We live in an age of advanced materials to build from, software and programs to shape material with, and extremely sophisticated machines to best produce the most exceptional parts, tools and accessories ever seen. And yet, innovation and progress remain terribly incremental and painfully slow, almost as a universal rule. True North Concepts refuses to accept this as the status quo, and we collectively believe that true innovation is born from a mind eager to solve a legitimate problem, not one slaved to serving the bottom line. Simply put, a compass is useless to a lost man holding it, if he has no understanding of how it works. We are dedicated to creating superior tools and equipment, to building the truest compass ever made! When paired with individual knowledge and skill, our products will serve you in all of your endeavors. We can only create the best products that our minds can envision, that our hands can build. But our products will be worthless to you the customer, without the understanding of why they have been built and how to use them properly. It is imperative to our company, that you grow and gather knowledge as both a person and as a professional. Even if you only purchase from us once, we hope to remain a source of useful information that will help you throughout your life.