The “Eye Drop”: Help us support Americans who are blind!

During the first world war, many American veterans were exposed to unimaginable horrors never before witnessed on the battlefield. Chemical agents in the form of Chlorine and Mustard were used extensively, drowning victims in their own fluids and often permanently blinding those lucky enough to survive. Literal millions of artillery shells, mortars, grenades and air-dropped […]


Understanding how we got here in the first place…

  Understanding how we got here in the first place. The evolution of firearms design has gone largely unchanged over the last 100 years. Prior to the introduction of pistol grips on semi automatic weapons, there had hardly been any significant changes to firearms design over the last four centuries. Improvements were mostly made to […]

One week down… An open letter of gratitude

Today marks one week of True North Concepts being live, and it couldn’t have been a better week! We are overwhelmed with the level and volume of comments and positivity that our customers have displayed. Many long time fans of the Gripstop have reached out to us, and are very pleased with the small revisions […]

Welcome to True North!

Today is the official launch of True North Concepts, LLC. If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out. We’ve been working hard the last few months to assemble the team, map our plan and shoot an azimuth to get us here today! We are proud […]