One week down… An open letter of gratitude

Today marks one week of True North Concepts being live, and it couldn’t have been a better week! We are overwhelmed with the level and volume of comments and positivity that our customers have displayed. Many long time fans of the Gripstop have reached out to us, and are very pleased with the small revisions made to better the design. We appreciate this feedback, because it allows for us to see what people want, and for us to track the changes in the market. The Gripstop has been out for six years now, and has experienced a wide range of use by different parts of the shooting world. It is incredible to see that it’s still as popular of an accessory today, as it was in the beginning! We have more variants coming soon to accommodate other shooting platforms, and if you feel that we need to do a special color or style, please reach out to us and let us know what you think should be done. Again, we appreciate feedback and take it into account. From the entire TNC crew, we would like to say thank you. Because of your faith in us and our new brand, and the quality of our products we have had to move up the production of the next batch of Gripstops! We have already had meetings with customers for design and supply chain management, and we are already working on new projects. You, the customer have made this happen. Thank you, and please check back for updates as we continue to grow.