9Toes Design LLC. Vastus System 1.5″ Leg Strap


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This thick, 1.5″ wide elastic leg strap from 9Toes Design is a great option for those looking for a more substantial leg strap. It features a two anti-slip strips running its full length, a strong polymer ITW fastex buckle, and velcro one-wrap keeper to secure the running tail. At 33″ OAL, it will fit over cold-weather gear, dry suits, and those that never miss leg day at the gym! It can be used with the 9Toes Design Vastus System adapter, which is compatible with our Modular Holster Adapter. Additionally, it can be utilized with our MHA Leg Strap Kit bracket. We are very impressed with the quality and attention to detail 9Toes Design has put into these leg straps, and feel that it’s the perfect answer for those shooters that prefer a more robust anchor point for the bottom of their holster.


  • 2.5 ounces
  • 33″ OAL
  • 1.5″ heavy duty BLACK elastic
  • Durable polymer buckle
  •  Anti-slip runners
  • Berry-compliant components, made in America


Does not include Modular Holster Adapter, all warranty concerns should be addressed to 9Toes Design LLC.

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