9Toes Design LLC. Vastus System- MHA Compatible




9Toes Design LLC. Vastus System- MHA Compatible

“The Vastus is designed for comfort with excellent retention for long days on the range, in a patrol car and or on a mission.”

We at True North understand that some of our customers wish to utilize a wider leg strap than what is included with our Leg Strap Kit, and have decided to carry the Vastus System from the design company 9Toes Design LLC. This adapter works great with our Modular Holster Adapter, as it is designed to be used with Safariland-style 3-hole mounting platforms. Made from a tough but flexible specialty laminate, the Vastus provides 1.5″ slots for mounting many popular leg straps currently on the market. Simply bolt it onto the MHA, thread your preferred strap though, and you are set!


  • 0.8 ounces
  • 1.5″ leg strap slots
  • Flexible, but with rigid support
  • Reversible (dual sided) design
  • Berry Compliant, USA Materials and construction
  • Fits all common leg straps up to 1.5″ wide



Does not include Modular Holster Adapter, all warranty concerns should be addressed to 9Toes Design LLC.


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