GripStop-K (M-LOK)


This product holds a lifetime, “no questions asked” free replacement guarantee.

GripStop-K (M-LOK) $51.99

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The GripStop-K is a slightly shorter version of the standard MLOK GripStop for those who prefer a smaller, hand-stop sized accessory. Built from domestically sources 6061-T6 Aluminum and Milspec Anodized Type 3 Hardcoat, the GripStop family is the tough, reliable and not too bad on the eyes. All GripStops carries the same lifetime “No questions asked” replacement warranty and is built with military application at the forefront of its design.

Note: Because anodizing color & shade varies from batch to batch, it is impossible to color match to other manufacturers accessories.

  • Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Milspec Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized
  • Increased ergonomics and control on all M-LOK compatible Carbines, Submachine guns and Shotguns
  • Works with all shooting techniques
  • Built-in barriers stop for added accuracy.
  • Available in Black, Earth Brown, and Olive Drab


The original GripStop was first released in 2013 after years of research and design. Created by a Marine combat veteran, the GripStop will benefit a wide variety of different shooting styles and firearm types. Built from rugged 6061 T6 aluminum and MilSpec anodized, the GripStop is smaller than a vertical grip, but larger than a hand stop. Lightweight and streamlined, the GripStop was the first product to properly address correct shooter ergonomics. The unique serrated front radius allows the shooter to “pull” the firearm rearward into the shoulder pocket and maintain a solid purchase on the gun with the support hand. This feature also works great as a barrier-stop against walls, rock, automotive frames, and barricades. The GripStop has been combat-proven by American Special Operations Forces and Marines in multiple combat theaters and will survive the toughest abuse. This product holds a lifetime, “no questions asked” free replacement guarantee.


  • Fits the Magpul M-LOK mounting interface
  • Weight : 2 oz with hardware
  • Rugged 6061-T6 Aluminum construction
  • MilSpec Type III anodized finish