Reese Wraps for the Modular Holster Adaptor




Reese Wraps for the Modular Holster Adaptor 


These US made wraps work like an “overlay” and are the perfect solution to customizing your MHA. Reece Wraps has 3D scanned and precisely measured our MHA to create a perfect fit. These wraps are laser cut and utilize genuine 3M adhesive backing to semi-permanently mount the 500D cordura face to the front of our Modular Holster Adaptor. Featuring authentic and licensed Multicam patterns, Reece Wraps attach in a few minutes and will help you color-match your gun belt. The added benefit of these wraps is that they help cut down visible and IR glare, as well as protect your MHA from abrasion.


  • Made in the USA by Reese Wraps
  • (1) Self adhesive Multicam wrap
  • Berry Compliant/US materials
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Allows color matching to your kit
  • Weights 0.1 ounce
  • $19.99

Note: This product does not include a Modular Holster Adaptor

Installation instructions:
• Step 1: Wash your hands with soap and water to ensure nothing will be transferred from your hands to the 3M adhesive that would interfere with the wrap adhering to your MHA.
• Step 2: Using the provided alcohol swab, wipe down the entire surface of your MHA and allow it to completely dry.
• Step 3: Remove the wrap’s backing to expose the adhesive. For best results, use a pair of flat-tip tweezers.
• Step 4: Choose a starting point. We recommend selecting a straight edge or a cut-out as the best guide for proper alignment.
• Step 5: Gently press the wrap into place working your way from one side to the other. The wrap can be easily lifted, adjusted and reapplied as needed, during the initial placement.

• Step 6: Once you are happy with the wrap’s placement, firmly press down on the cordura over your entire product. The 3M adhesive is pressure and time activated. After it is pressed down firmly, it takes approximately 24 hours to “cure”.

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