Includes one fork, one receiver plate and hardware.


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Price: $34.00

The Safariland™ Quick Locking System Kit allows the user to rapidly change which holster set up the shooter wishes to use on their gun/duty belt in mere seconds. The QLS system lets you rearrange and reconfigure your holsters and gear quickly and easily without tools after properly mounting to our Modular Holster Adaptor.  Simply mount the receiver plate to our MHA, adjust the desired height and cant, and then attach the locking fork to your Safariland ™ holster. The Holster will now slide into the receiving plate, and self-lock for a secure hold. Removal is just as fast, by pinching the bottom locking tabs, while pressing upwards. Due to the design, it is extremely reliable and secure once mounted and locked. This has been proven time and time again in the worst situations imaginable.

This kit includes the QLS 19 Locking Fork and QLS 22 Receiver Plate components. They are both constructed of strong injection molded nylon. The QLS receiver plate can be attached at different angles of cant according to user preferences, and will add even more cant adjustment when paired with our Modular Holster Adaptor.  Per Safariland™, the QLS fork and plate combination passes the Level I Retention pull test. Factory Hardware and Allen wrench included.