Spare Hardware Kit


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Spare Hardware Kit

Our Spare Hardware Kit comes with additional Screws, spacers and threaded posts for use with the MHA, LSK and various adapters. It is handy to have and small enough to keep in your range bag. Our standardized 8-32 screw size fits many other holsters, knife sheaths and accessories commonly used in the industry.


  • (6) .625  (5/8″) Dome head Truss screws
  • (4)  .500  (1/2″) Flat head Truss Screws
  • (4) .375 (3/8″) Flat head Truss Screws
  • (6) 1/4″ rubber spacers
  • (4) 1/4″ hard polymer spacers
  • (6) Threaded binding posts

Price: $9.99


Note: Does not include belt bars or threadlocker. 

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