The Racker: One-handed Pistol Manipulation Tool




“The Racker” 

“The Racker” is designed to avoid the extreme damage done to holsters during one-handed pistol manipulation drills. The commonly trained technique of catching the rear sight of a pistol on the curved top edge of a holster is both precarious and often damaging to the holster. Alternatively, some shooters choose to rack their pistol’s slide off of their belt buckle, which can damage the firearm’s rear sight or the lens of mini red dot sights.

The True North Concepts Racker provides a level and robust edge that captures the rear sight and facilitates racking/charging the firearm, with one hand. The Racker is constructed out of high strength polymer, and will wear instead of damaging your sights or firearm finish. Avoiding damage to your firearm is important, and for this reason The Racker was designed.

The Racker mounts to any belt up to 2.25″ wide, and will also thread through MOLLE/PALS webbing. The mounting bar is the same pattern as our proven Modular Holster Adaptor, is cross compatible with the MHA mounting bars.

“The Racker” will assist those training in providing a more reliable reference point for single-handed manipulation of the pistol’s slide. The central location of mounting the Racker on the gun belt allows for repeatable reps, which builds confidence, speed and repeatability. When mounted the Racker will stay firmly in one place on the belt, without sliding or moving around to worry about. Small and light, the Racker can be used on either side of the shooter’s belt, or two ran in mirrored tandem. Often there are few good points on the shooter’s “Support side” of their gun belt to manipulate pistol slides off of. The compact size of the Racker allows the product to be mounted in front of spare magazines on the “Support” side, or immediately in front of the holster on the “strong” or gun side of the belt.

A secondary feature factored into the design of The Racker, is the ability to remove a magazine stuck in the magazine well of their pistol. The inboard side of the racker has a flat edge to allow for the lip of the magazine’s base plate to be caught, using downward pressure applied to the firearm. After catching the magazine onto the racker, the shooter simply pulls out and way from themselves, allowing the magazine to slide out of the firearm’s mag well, and fall freely to the ground. This technique is extremely difficult to near impossible to accomplish one handed without the aid of the Racker.

Since the “The Racker” is designed for one-handed pistol manipulation, it works for more than just the tactical use of one handed pistol manipulation drills, as is taught for a “wounded” limb. It can also be used to enable a person with certain disabilities to operate a semi-auto pistol with one hand, such as those with limited or non-existant mobility in one limb. It can bolt directly to any desk, cabinet, shelf, workbench, wheelchair or nightstand to assist in chambering a cartridge for individuals with mobility or dexterity issues.

With time and use, the shooter will notice wear and scratches form on their Racker. This is the evidence of the abuse that would have been placed on their pistol’s sights or expensive holster, if manipulating their firearm one-handed in the traditional manner.  The Racker is designed to be a disposable part, however it will provide years of reliable, continuous use until replacement is needed. The worn face of the Racker can be quickly cleaned up periodically, by using a knife, razor, file or sandpaper to restore the profile of where the pistol’s sights impact the product.  Again, “The Racker” is designed to wear with use so you don’t place damaging wear on your firearm’s sights or holster.

Stay in the fight and save your holster.


Patent Pending.


  • .2 oz overall weight
  • Compact design
  • High strength polymer construction designed to take abuse
  • Includes mounting hardware for duty belts and PALS/MOLLE webbing
  • Currently available in Black and Earth Brown
  • Fits all belts up to 2.25″ wide
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible
  • Rock-solid mounting
  • User repairable

MSRP: $29.99

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