True North Magnet Pack


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This three pack of magnets are sized the same as our sticker pack, for those that wish to have a removable option! They are thin and durable, and stick great to vehicles, gun safes and refrigerators.  True North Concepts realize that some people’s favorite hobby is magnets, and we want to show that we support that. Place them on the fridge, and smile at our logo every time you open the door to make milk-steak for your little green ghoul buddies. Submissions on how to write a better product description for a three pack of magnets can be emailed to us directly.

True North Magnet Pack:

  • 3 magnets, featuring America’s favorite logos
  • Highly collectable
  • Crafted from rare earth metals mined deep from the earths core
  • They stick together using an unexplainable phenomena known only to the ancients
  • Produces magnetic fields that attract metals like iron, nickel, cobalt, gadolinium
  • Hours of wholesome entertainment for the entire family
  • Impress your friends with your impeccable refined taste and style
  • Keep away from electronics, compasses, small children
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Attaches easily to safes, refrigerators, squad cars, and M1A1/2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks

Notify me when the item is back in stock.