Upgraded Polymer LSK Bracket Kit


Upgraded Polymer LSK Bracket Kit $14.99

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Price: $14.99

This bracket kit comes with all necessary hardware to mount our upgraded Polymer LSK bracket to your MHA. This new bracket is more comfortable than our earlier 6061 version which came with the LSK.  All LSKs now ship with this improved design, but many customers have asked for us to make it available separately to upgrade older LSKs or to use with their aftermarket leg strap of choice. It is made from high strength, nearly indestructible polymer plastic here in America.

Note: This product does not include a strap


  • Bracket weight : 6 grams
  • Kit weight: .5 ounces
  • Available in Black, Olive Drab Green and Earth Brown
  • High strength Polymer construction
  • Increased comfort for prolonged wear
  • Reduced Friction against cloths and legstraps
  • Includes full set of replacement hardware.