Contract CAD Design


Every product starts with a good idea, but how do you take that cocktail napkin drawing and refine it into a manufacturable product? Regardless if you are a lone individual or an established company with an overwhelmed engineering department, True North Concepts wants to help! Our Product Realization Team can support your eureka moment by turning your concept (no matter how baseline), into a full formed 3D design that's ready for production. Through the use of modern software and analog human communication, our team will walk you through the design process, and engage you for feedback to ensure your satisfaction. Our goal is to match all customer expectations, work with you or your team throughout the process, and form your dream into reality. Allow us to assist in improving the quality of your design, and the mitigate cost-competition pressures you will face once in production. Additionally, our team can advise the client on the complex manufacturing processes their design may require, and help streamline and enhance the design throughout its evolution. If you are looking for the advice, support and guidance necessary to succeed, allow us to make your initiative, our initiative. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment, and see how True North Concepts can help lead you down a streamlined path to success!